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The days have been rather hectic, everything has been a blur and I can barely keep up with whats happening in my life. Well that's life for you I suppose. However, today I have to admit,  has been a good day. I finished the stupid maths assignment, did half of my painting (I think) for art (Art is one of my subjects) and did some English. Hmmm doesn't seem like much, but I feel so accomplished!

now on with the Maths C homework....and some Maths B homework...oh perhaps that chemistry homework that was meant to be finished last week...revise some those example short stories...

I think I'd rather sleep.

Or bake cookies. Cookies are good.

I have a lotta work.

Well anyway, I thought I might add a new series to this blogging 'thing' and I've decided to call it "Stumble Upon". Literally just basically stuff I find that's cool on the internet. The other day while surfing the net, I "stumbled upon"(haha) "One of a Few". And Ohmagohd, I am in love. One of a few is this really cool store that looks awesome. I really wish I could get all of these. First World Struggles for a teenage girl: There is NOT enough money in my bank account.

From top to bottom:
|Rachel Comey Rhodes| - Shoes
|Martina Thornhill Mt Hood Mug|
|Martina Thornhill Pour-over|
|Alcott Pants|
|King Coat|
|Kara Small Backpack|
|Building Block Rucksack|

Man it is absolute torture not being able to afford anything. Until then.


I just found out I was featured in ninemsn! WUT.
"officially a happy girl".

- So, I thought

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