DIY Discovery: Birthday Scenario

I don't know why, but it seems like every time I blog, it has been about or during birthdays. It was my birthday, my dad's birthday, and now one of my best friends' birthday. I assure you, this is very coincidental, I do not have an obsession with birthdays. Anyway, I was actually considering not blogging this week at all (so much for dedication and my claim on getting this 'blogging thing'). I have been a extreme stress concoction, my stress levels viral-ling and making my life extremely miserable. Its funny because I read somewhere that stressed high school students in present times have the same mind sets as insane patients in asylums during the 1950s. WUT. I think that really says something about school (perhaps tone it down a little?). But here I am anyway, with the weekly(ish) post. I have not blown my word (yet)!
Now moving away from the depressing side of things, I thought I might do something a little different, and share what I did on the weekend. We celebrated my friend's 16th birthday on Saturday and it was totally the bomb! So indie, so cool, and we did things I wished we did for my birthday. Plus the FOOD. I cannot tell you how FRIGGIN. DAMN. GOOD. the food was (It was a organic cafe called the Lost Boys Cafe in Fortitude Valley if anyone was wondering).

With the permission from Sam (the birthday girl), as it was her idea, I thought I might share a awesome DIY party-filler time thing to keep you guests busy throughout the party. But first, we roll in the pictures!

I mean, look at that! How can you not salivate
|Sweet-potato burger thing|
And FRESH coconuts. WUT. I love you Sam (The birthday girl)
Yeah Groupie!

The DIY:

What you need:

A booklet envelope thing - with at least a few pages
Polaroid (optional)
Colourful Pens

The process:

  1. We each got a little booklet-envelope thing (I think you can get the ones used here from Typo) with a few pages.
  2. Then we each got taken a little photo (Polaroid!) portrait each, where we had to stick it in the booklets we got.
  3. Then it was really simple: everyone had to swap booklets and draw (or write if you can't draw) something that you know of the person, like a good aspect, or some weird fact etc. (Though it has to be positive, because the idea is nice). 
  4. Then you pass it around, and receive another person's until you have done everyone at the party.
The idea was simple, but it was really delightful, and left a nice warm feeling in your stomach. (Now on with the Gallery!)

Failed mid-air attempt
Dat Sweetpotato Fry
Dat Cupcake Range: Peanut-butter + Chai

And that was basically it. Until then.

- So, I thought

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