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I've never really been into products (Or maybe is its just pure laziness), but up until recently I haven't really been using any. I suppose living (and eating) a healthier lifestyle has GREATLY (I'm not exaggerating, its like magic) improved my skin, because actually before, I had eczema. And pretty bad eczema too (but I don't have it anymore yay - I think). To be honest I've really just been relying on natural cleaning (aka rinsing with water), genes and mother nature. Well another reason was because up until now, I've never really needed to? Either I'm a late bloomer or I have pretty good skin (that's a lucky thing I guess), because the worst I've had is like a mini pimple or two - usually on the side of my nose where people can't see them anyway. And the frequency was probably once or twice a year. 

Some people may think its really lucky, but it leaves me pretty inexperienced when it comes to handling these kind of products (don't get me started on make-up). And oh boy, this year I've had it pretty bad. Cus can you imagine, one day its all good and then BOOM the next day your forehead suddenly has these ugly disgusting red lumps on your forehead? Nup not a good experience. Not at all. It's really not appealing at all. I really think it also had to do with stress, because my skin now is always  bad during school (ugh). And the worst thing is, even when its not stressful they're still there so your basically stuck with them until they decide to go away, which in my experience isn't for a long time anyway (enough for some more to appear overnight yay!). 

So it was a good thing Luminance Skincare contacted me, because my skin really wasn't doing so well. At that point I had only started using face-marks and was planning to get some facial cleanse and etc. anyway - so good timing! Not to mention facial cleaning products are pretty expensive, and you can also imagine my delight when I found out their products were vegan! Animal cruelty free - BONUS! Yet even though it would help the animals, I wasn't just going to put anything on my face, but I found that their products were not only vegan, but contained natural, raw and organic ingredients. Looking good (I'm impressed). Then I found they were not toxic! Well it seems pretty legit. 

|Products received: Facial Cleanser, Tonic, Moisturizer, Eye-cream and Tonic|

Luminance Skincare is a small company, but they really believe in helping the people, the earth and the creatures. The prices are pretty decent (considering how they're made), and I received my samples in little glass bottles (nice!). I thought they were pretty small at first, but you actually don't need a lot when you use them so they're pretty sustainable. Also - they have different types to suit your skin type, so that really helps. The products are also really easy to use - you just need some water and a dry towel - to dry-off! The cleanser actually requires you to just massage your face with it using your hands. Lastly, did it work for for me? I guess it did (apologies for no before and after photos, I forgot!), as such facial products go, I'm still a little inexperienced, but my skin is much better and clearer than at the beginning of this year. My skin also felt pretty good after using them (like clean-nice). My favourite was the eye cream, I had pretty bad bags (from lack of sleep - school) and it made me look less like a ghost. Their products are are really good for anyone, and a nice choice for vegans!

Now for the excitement -  I'm also hosting a giveaway! Following the requirements, you will be able to win a Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer of YOUR CHOICE

The Requirements are simple! Simply (Note: This is Instagram-Based):

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This will go on for 10 days, where on April 26th (Australian Eastern Timezone) I will announce the Winner! 

That is it. Literally. Check out here, to see the products and good luck!

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. 

- So, I thought. 

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