Monday Links i.e. Procrastination

As you can see, I am absolutely terrible at this blogging 'thing'. It's been what, 20 days for me to finally post again? Honestly, I need to sort things out with my life. Nevertheless I shall continue to struggle. EVENTUALLY I shall get the hang of this blogging 'thing.' 

Perks of being a student, I swear I don't have time for anything (even though I'm here...) but like all human beings we need a 'break' aka the ultimate excuse to procrastinate. So here I am, rising from my slumber (of being MIA) as I come to share with you all the interesting things I have come across on this vast planet called the internet. Sorry, that probably sounded really weird. I think I'm really tired and weird things just keep popping in my head. Or maybe I've been too contaminated with my English assignment (It's rather reflective). 

Anyways I've been pretty absorbed by the illustrations this lady makes (cartoons), and they're pretty hilarious. She's pretty hilarious too.

|Gemma Correll Doodles|


coffee tasting notes
Did someone say coffee?

|Izy Hossack's Shop|

Don't know if it's weird to be ingrossed in tableware, but I pretty am and Izy's got some cool things (I wish I could buy). Aren't they just cute?

|Cool-as Rope Shelf [DIY]|width="660"

Also found this cool as DIY project that looks so cool. Not bad for a change-up on the look for the wall.

|DIY #2 Wall Pockets| width="660"

Oh and these too. I like these.


|Bag Desires|width="660"

Ahh this is such a nice design - my inner demons are whispering me to get it (even though I'm broke).

|Food Porn = Ice cream|width="660"

This is a matcha mint version from Faring Well and it is mouth-watering. Not to mention its for everyone! Cus vegans can have it. Omigosh why can't it be holidays?

Matcha Mint Chip Ice Cream | Faring Well | #vegan #glutenfree #recipe

And that pretty much sums up my internet ventures. To do or not do again? It was pretty fun. Until next time - and I shall (try) to keep up with the updates.

- So, I thought

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  1. I agree that committing to blogging is no easy feat with everyone being so busy 24/7 *cries*
    Still, I love what you've compiled here (and definitely agree that the doodles are so on point) :)

    Have sent you an email as well, so yea, have a pleasant week ahead Clarissa :)

    Much love,