2015 Finis: Noosa

Alas, 2015 has come to end. Today I end on a few notes, reflecting on this past year, and just wondering how the blithering fuck it ended so fast. 

Christmas break has been great. From the not-so white christmas spent in Noosa with the 'usuals' (by that I mean the cousins and siblings variety), to the awkward in-between days that is not yet New Years; if I had to be completely honest, I've always found these days a little bit over-rated (bring on the hate). Not that I don't enjoy the food and presents of course, but its especially hard to enjoy a hot milo in 34 degrees C heat. Not to mention a nice cup of jo. Although I had equipped myself with glorious almond milk for my morning porridge, it serves no justice for instant coffee. I detest the watery black acid, and much to my miserable-caffeine demanding brain, we could not, unfortunately, lug our 20 kilo coffee machine with us.  

It was christmas day, the two slightly out-of-place asian families had just finished their glorious walk from a mounty, beside-the-sea trek, and one of the families, with two girls, walked out with the need for COFFEE plastered on their faces. To be fair, I wasn't too bad. I mean, perhaps I was being delusional, but if you compare me to the way my sister was acting, you'd think it was her time of the month. So we made a stop in town square, our noses leading the way. Except..we had to make three stops. It went like this:
  • Stop 1: A 30min wait was a prerequisite, but a prerequisite my sister did not have shit time for.
  • Stop 2: They literally ran out of milk (for my sister), but soy was still palatable. However, before we could order, another two coffee hawks had swooped our orders away. Soy was gone, and it was gone for good.
  • Stop 3: Exhausted, we found another but there was a line. An EXTRA long line. We decided to wait. (Looking back, there probably wouldn't have been a difference in the waiting time between stop 1 and 3. meh)
The waiting time wasn't that bad, even with my blistered already-blistered toes (I stupidly hiked in THONGS that morning). However, with my straying, day-dreaming coffee-brimmed mind, my eyes eventually landed on the two poor blokes who were working their asses off on CHRISTMAS. It was already about 10am in the morning, but it looked like they had been working for hours. That would suck. I mean, to be working on CHRISTMAS would leave anyone feeling shitty. So by the time it was our go, we put our grumpiness on hold, held a smile and small-talked with them a bit. It's amazing what a tweak to the lips can do to a person, and by the time we left, coffees in hand, I believe we were all a little more elated than 10 minutes before. 

That, friends, was pretty much the frenzy of our Christmas morning. The rest of the day, I admit, was pretty bliss. In between a couple hours of stuffing our faces with seafood and pumpkin salad (there was no turkey), there was a run home of monopoly in which our 12-year-old cousin left the rest of us bank-rupt, as well as a swim in the gorgeous blue-water. And Ice-cream. ICE CREAM. 

I mean.

So, I suppose christmas wasn't that bad. Fast forward, and I'm currently typing this on New Years Eve at 9:53pm, somewhat on the pressure to finish before it reaches midnight, otherwise terminating this whole blog post pointless. What am I doing on this special day? Nothing. And no, I am not sad. I mean, my sister is currently partying downstairs, slightly (HEH) 'inappropriately' and doing slightly 'inappropriate' things - in which I'M supposed to be the one supervising (just leave the younger one in charge, it'll be fine. Hah, nah don't worry, I'm actually quite responsible). And technically its not nothing because after typing this final blog post up, I shall return to watching a movie I've wanted to watch in a long time (its Burnt) while having a sneaky bowl of mango sorbet (really frozen mango, but close enough). On a side note, its my perfect way of ending #2015, and the way I'll enjoy it. Well what do they say? bon voyage, I mean, adios amigos.

P.S. I think I'll finally update the template of this blog, later if possible. So, look forward to it!

Almond milk Latte - the boys even used my favourite brand. Man, Bless you. 
|Left| Choc-mint |Right| Mango Sorbet

- So, I thought

|Photos taken with Iphone 5|
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