Exploring Night Photography


The other night, I finally experienced a whole new chapter as a freelance photographer - night photography! I shot at my sister's friends' 18th. I had never done night photography before, so at first I was a little overwhelmed. My oh my, the settings were so different to what you would do for day photography. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I used my FLASH (something I would always scrunch my nose at). 'Tis something I would NEVER shoot in natural day light. Also, shooting in manual, I had more settings to adjust (not going into the boring details). Yet in the end, it was not so bad. I also got to try out some cool settings with the lights (bending) and it was so much FUN!

It was a long night and the cake was pretty amazing. (The things you do for food haha). Also, exciting news, I made a new facebook page! Except, its like totally ugly, cus I have yet to customize it... ^-^ . I'm also shooting at my sis' 18th (Too many 18ths) the week next. So more to practice.

Until then.


Edit: More Exciting news, I also purchased a new wide-angle lens (shot for these photos), and I LOVE it so much. Perfecto

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  1. wow, these pictures are beautiful!! great job :) && i'm so afraid of using my flash too, should really start using it more.xx

  2. Thanks Jess! And yes you should! Its actually so much fun :)