The Peach Box |Review|

It's been a while since I've last blogged, so here I am again, even though I still have so many assignments/study to do...(insert sad face)

The days have been rather monotonous lately (perks of being a student), and I've kind of been feeling like death. Boy the workload has really been packing it up this year and you really don't know how much harder it gets until you really experience it. Not sure how I'll survive the next year. Or the next. But I'm sure I'll manage. Now moving on to the point...

Recently I was contacted by The Peach Box, and they asked if I wanted some of their jewellery? Um yes please! (You don't even need to ask!) 

I've been pretty obsessed with minimalism lately, and The Peach Box totally expresses my style:

The pieces were really light-weight, and quality wise, they're really quite worth the money. And not to forget the packaging, (quite the schmancy), plus every piece even gets their own little fabric bag-home so you don't have to worry about them getting damaged! Mind you, not a bad choice gift-giving.

You can also visit their site here

(*This post is not sponsored)

I thought I might also share my #ootd - 
I recently discovered these pants and am loving them! It was lying in the back of my mum's closet and apparently she bought them 20 years ago! Goes to show that fashion really does comes back.

|Shirt: Universal Store|
|Shorts: Somewhere 20 years ago|
|Jewellery: The Peach Box|

Until Next Time x

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