Introducing The Blog

Technically this isn't the first post...but I don't care.  

For a long time I've always wanted to have my own little space where I could write and share about things people may or may not care about. The peculiar facts of life. Observations. Important lessons. Amazing discoveries and experiences. Personal  and just these strange (and weird) entities that come flowing through my head (aka. my thoughts). Then there is of course, those 'things' that spark my interests that I would love to share about.  

I've had other blogs...but this blog, I don't think will fit in a specific 'category'. It will be more of 'me'. What I want to write about. What I feel like sharing. Share some pictures...just living up some 'personal' creative space.

 So here's to the 'first' post. 

By a girl who could run every day (if her legs didn't get so sore so easily), the same girl who could just cuddle in a good arm chair surrounded by books and read ALL those books for the rest of the day, with a cup of tea or coffee (actually preferably coffee) by her side. So reader, I hope you like this blog because I think I will. 

- so, I thought

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Potato, Coffee + Generally Food obsessed Brisbane Chick.


  1. The pictures are absolutely amazing! I'm looking forward to following your blog on a regular basis!

  2. Aw Thankyou! It makes me so happy to hear that! :)