The "About Me" Page

Hello Hello, My name is Clarissa.

I'm 16, 17 (almost!) and I'm not 100% sure what to include so to speak, but here's a somewhat lazy intro:

A Brisbane Chick

Brisbane-based amateur photographer and _____ blogger (maybe!)

An Ambivert

Perhaps an "Out-going" Introvert. (But the biggest introvert at heart)

Oxygen + Coffee + Potatoes = Life

If you agree, then we are officially friends.

Oh, and running also = Life

I love running. Perhaps too much for my own good

Having a serious fetish for cameras, books and ... Clay Dining Ware?

No other words other than being camera obsessed, I think my mind is more in the wizarding world than it is here and the Clay Dining ware? I don't even know.

A fundamental preacher for the colour Blue

Otherwise, I prefer black. Like my soul (Jks, more like my hair)

Other things:

Celery is my enemy, unless heavily concealed (in pizza sauce!). 
Pixlar and Studio Ghibli Films are my guilty pleasure
I dream of a dog called Perry
I eat healthy because I WANT to
I grumble at Personal Space Invaders, plus you'll see my middle finger pointing at people who are plain Rude
Cooking over Baking. Though either is fine. NEVER dishes.
Generally sarcastic (though my sarcasm resides in my brain) and sometimes of bumbling idiocy.

This blog will be a collection of thoughts, recipes, photography...and my creative pursuits; documenting the small parts of my life I find worth sharing.

Peace! xx